I never know how to explain this feeling to my husband. Even though my 6 year old has been at school today, I feel like both girls are constantly on me all the time. It could be from pulling hair, to wanting a drink, then back to just being a pain in the arse?! Even now I’m not explaining it. I feel like I want to make a cup of tea and lock myself in the car to drink it.

My husband has walked through the door after a very hard day, and he is greeted by a defeated mummy. I didn’t get as far as the car, I got to the girls left over bath.

I will never truly understand what he goes through leaving us all the time to go to work, but he will never understand what we do either. It’s not a competition, my husband has to look at me and he knows what I need…. see picture obviously!

He walks in and puts the girls to bed, and clears up the trail of destruction from our day. He never moans that he cleared it up the night before, he just gets on with it.

I would truly like him to understand where my mind is right now, I feel defeated, low energy, and in desperate need of Nick fucking junior to shut the fuck up. You never see mummy pig in the bath with a glass of anything she can get her hands on do you?! Why is it that Peppa and George never seem to fight? No hair pulling there….. has Peppa got any hair actually?!