My legs are fat….. my 6 year old…. what the fuck?!

I knew that just by having a daughter I would have to deal with comparison of body images and how that makes her feel; but never did I think that I would have to start this at 6 years old.  Thank goodness when I explained that when she sat down her muscle had to go somewhere she seemed fairly content with that answer, but I can’t help but wonder what the hell I’m meant to say to her next.  She is a beautiful little girl and I love her to pieces, I never want her to change anything because to me she is perfect (I even had a little moment when she wanted to cut her fringe!).  But growing up in the world we now live in, I’m going to have to start thinking about answers!

For that I truly hate social media and how technology is today.  I sound so bloody old, but I truly think that wanting to have a perfect Instagram picture, or get a lot of likes on Facebook is what young peeps are aspiring to have… I don’t class myself as a young peep, but I understand and hate myself for that.  I could spend ages looking a picture wondering if to post it or not because of response back that I may or may not receive.  Why the fuck should I care? Because thats how tech is now, and thats how for the last 10 years tech has developed and grown along with us.  It was my birthday last weekend,  out of 141 “friends” only 4 posted on my timeline to say Happy Birthday.  Of course I received text messages or whats apps from those that actually mean something to me in my life, but it truly makes you wonder who you post things for?  Is it to receive likes? To have online friends but when you see them in person you don’t say 2 words to each other?

I know that social media for me is toxic, yet I still post and check it.  I know that social media (even though she doesn’t have it yet) will be a problem for every little girl out there and I wish them luck.